Dec 20, 2011

Tips To Charge Your Mobile Phone Without Electricity

Its is "New Technology" Japan Created this Charger without Electricity Power.This Charging method is based on “USB Cable”  Its can work All Needs of heat source which could be as simple as pan of the Boiling Water or even any campfire model  your can charge your mobile phone without and problem.

Pan Charger you can converts heat into electric energy and it can able to charge any type of cellphones . Mp3 Player or other mobile device can work over all time is 3-5 Hours. Pan Charger is already available in market to purchase in Japan in under  the rules of AFP Report Support and $299 Unit.

Pan Charger is not also only companies to charge mobile phone without a power outlet. There is YOGEN attach the cell phone to yogen over USB and pull/release the cord for a few minutes your phone is charged fully up to 100%

In Kenya Best Idea First comes from Kenya. Using this tips you can charge your mobile phones using Bi-cycle method .Ride your Bike for a few kilometers , this mosly followed in villager areas how anyway your phone get charged fully

How to Charge Your Mobile Phones Using Bi-Cycle Method :

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