Dec 29, 2011

Simbu We Also Need Is Love Anthem For World Peace Download Official Video-Lyrics and Mp3 song

Simbu in Love Anthem He has been an actor, director , playback Singer and Lyricist in Film Insutry. Now our star stepping up to World Peace song, He penned a song in 96 languages. Put forward his step together for world peace. Our STR penned lyrics in 96 different languages. STR is multi-talented person has approached Internation singers to sing a song with AKON and RIHANA in order to song along with our STR. Simbu promised to his fans that he will release the Full song on New year 2012.

Love Anthem Lyrics :

Album Name : So All We Need is Love Anthem
Singer :Silambarasan (STR)
Music Director : Simbu
Lyrics : Simbu
Label : Sony
Year : 2011

Ohhh Dashuri Dashuri
Dashuri Dashuri Salang Salang 
Leifva Leifva Laska Laska  [2]

Armastus Armastus Rakkaus Rakkaus  
Agapi Agapi Lyubov Lyubov 

All we need is love..aai..amour..amour
All we need is love..aai..amour..amour

All we need is love..aai..amour..amour
All we need is love..aai..amour..amour.. amour

Love is full of energy
Love is positivity

We don't need negativity
Love to feel humanity

Lets not cry and lets not try
hating, hurting and killing each other

We wont get another life together
oh my brother

so all we need is pyaar..prema..kaadhal
oh all we need is pyaar..prema..kaadhal..kaadhal…

Love In Different Languages :

Love - English
Dashuri - Albanian
Las'ka - Czech

Leifde - Dutch
Salang - Korean

Rakkaus - Finnish
Armastus - Estonian
Ag'api - Greek
Lyubov - Russian
Amour - French/Spanish

Aai - Chinese
Pyaar - Hindi

Kaadhal - Tamil
Prema - Telugu

Download Love Anthem Mp3 :

Download STR in Love Anthem :


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