Dec 7, 2011

Google Voice Search Using Microphone in search engine how to activate and how to use

"Google" was new launched Google Microphone in search engine.Now its easy way to search keywords on Google search engine. This could be a convenient way voice message to search if you speak faster than you type or if your not sure how to spell your search term in our search engine.

How to activate voice search on your Google chrome :

Now all over the world google user can search a keyword using voice control.if you already installed google chrome means update to new version "Go an click wrench icon "SETTING"and view about google chrome update new version.If you  not installed google chrome means "Download Here"

Google Voice search review :

Setting for Window OS :

Connect microphone for windows 7 PC 
Connect microphone for windows vista 
Connect microphone for windows XP

Screen Shot :

Open the Google Chrome browser and go to Open in a new tab. You’ll see a small Gray microphone icon on the right-hand side of the search engine box.

Click the Microphone and you will see the dialog box below indicating that it’s time for you to say your search term on your search engine box.

Now your typed item is displayed easy way on our Google chrome 

Note : Microphone Must...


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