Dec 18, 2011

Snow On Your Google Search Engine Page Christmas Easter Egg Special and Download HD Christmas Wallpapers Here

Hi Friends "Advance Marry Christmas" This Arterial For Christmas Special "Easter Egg" All People in the world are started to celebrate Christmas at This Time Our "GOOGLE" as also Started Putting Snow on your Google Search Engine Page.

Following Steps helps you to pore snow on your Google page :

--> Open the Google Page
--> Now Type Word "let it snow" on your Search Engine
--> Then see your Google Page Carefully
       "Drop Drop Of Snow Will Fall Down From Sky To Your Browser"
--> Dont click an were for some times... After snow spreaded on your Monitor   
       screen "Its Looks Like Ice Forest
--> Press Defrost Button to clear ice on your screen.
--> Enjoy our Christmas Happily an Jolly fully... 

Screenshot Of My Snow :

Download New Christmas Wallpaper Here :



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