Nov 21, 2011

How Compact Disk is made and tips how to remove scratches using Banana

"Compact Disk" is Shortly called as "CD".Its is optical disk which is used to store a digital-est data.Its originally developed to record a sound clipping. Sony first publicly demonstrated an optical digital audio disc in September 1976. In September 1978 they demonstrated an optical digital audio disc with a 150 minute playing time, and with specifications of 44,056 Hz sampling rate, 16-bit linear resolution, cross-interleaved error correction code, that were similar to those of the Compact Disc introduced in 1982.

Standard CD have a diameter as 120 millimeter.its can able to hold up to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio or 700 MB (700 × 220 bytes) of data.

How Compact Disk is made

Tips to remove scratches from CD :

Do you Think its Fake!!! Watch This :

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