Oct 24, 2011

Honda CBR 250r Bike details and HQ wallpapers Download Here

HONDA CBR 250R Racing Bike GO GO GO GO go go go... Your looking for new bike to take means Take Honda CBR 250R High racing Speed bike in INDIA. Its is Powerband Bike and user-friendly,excellent Fuel economy unmatched reliability.

Honda CBR Bike is available two models : 1.HONDA CBR 250R 

                                                                                      2.HONDA CBR 250R ABS 
                                                                                          With our Anti-lock Brake System.

Features :


Because its single-cylinder machine and with its low 30.5-inch seat height and light 359- pound curb weighted., unmatching power.

The power of one  

New CBR 250R uses a single-cylinder fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer. Sure that’s tech talk, but the architecture offers some very real advantages. Maybe the most important is power delivery: a single offers the kind of torque and midrange power that’s well suited for all levels of riders.

Stop with confidence 

The option of Honda’s Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is a perfect matchup with a bike like the new CBR250R. ABS helps you cope with unanticipated challenges and stop with ad.ded confidence.

HQ wallpapers download here :

CBR 250r Reviews :


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