Sep 17, 2011

Access Blocked website without software From Schools,Colleges,Office

How To Access Blocked Websites Without Softwares From School Colleges Office

Access Blocked Websites in your colleges or Schools or Office Unlocked all Blocked websites With out any softwares, Many Colleges and Schools andOffices Access Blocked Some Websites Like ,, .
Access Blocked Websites Bypass URL Filtering, Very Easy Method Bypass Access Blocked Websites.
Go To Start -> Run -> Type CMD or Command and Click on Ok Button
Now Open Command Prompt Window, Now Type Ping websites Address and Enter
For Example : If you want to Open

Now Go To in address bar this ip address open facebook websites , Now Access Any Blocked Websites Using This Method.


Above mentioned procedure is fine but i would recommend you to install "Hotspot Shield" free vpn to Access Twitter from Work, although it also protects my identity from snoopers by hiding my IP.

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